Taiping Rebellion

Rebellion is a form resistance or an act of violence to the government or a particular ruler with an aim of overthrowing or taking over its position.

Taiping Rebellion - a civil war that happened from 1850 to 1864 in southern China that was against the ruling of Dynasty of Manchu Qing. It was led by Hong Xiuquan who said that he had a vision where he discovered that was his elder brother through a movement called Millenarian movement. It was among the worst military conflict which led to the death of many civilians. Hong xiuquan aim was social reforms which ensured that there was equality for women; the property was shared equally and there was the replacement of Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism and Chinese folk religion with their form of Christianity. The Chinese nationalist party founder Sun Yat Sen termed the rebels as an inspiration and they were glorified as heroic revolutionary against the corrupt monarchy.

History of Taiping rebellion

The rebellion began under the leadership of Xiuquan, who through the Christian teachings he believed that he was the son of God and a younger brother to Jesus Christ and was sent to reform China from the corrupt government in the 19th century. Hong together with his friend Feng Yunshan organized God worshippers’ society and a group of the new religious group through songs idea which formed a reformed group of peasants of Guangxi province. Feng and Hong in 1847 joined the new group of worshippers and he led them in rebellion after three years. In 1851, he gained the title heavenly king in which Hong announced his new destination the Taiping Tianguo.

The Hong agenda was the common share of property and gender equality in women which attracted many people especially the peasant, miners and workers and he organized them into divisions of men and women. One of the hongs generals became naughty and he had him murdered. In 1860 their attempt to overthrow the government was stopped by western trained which was an ever victorious army but in1862, he had surrounded Nanjing where the city fell in 1864. Taiping resistance continued to other parts of the country china until 1868 whereby they emphasized ideas of New Testament of forgiveness, kindness and redemption.

Effects of Taiping Rebellion

Taiping rebellion had several effects to the country of China and its people. Taiping Rebellion affected the way government of China functioned also there was a positive change in the economy of China. Also, the face of China was changed since China was taken from outside out by force by Japan.

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