Top 22 Acute Opinion Essay Topics You Can Explore

In an opinion essay, you should clearly state your opinion on an issue and support it with relevant examples and facts. At the custom assignment writing service you will get guided help. Every problem that you have strong feelings about can make an acute topic for an opinion paper. However, if you cannot come up with any ideas for your essay on your own, the following list of great topic suggestions will come in handy:

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  1. The legal age for drinking alcohol should be raised. Do you agree with this proposal?

  2. Modern culture poses a threat to childhood. Is this statement true?

  3. Children are often punished for bad grades and rewarded for good ones. Is this practice effective?

  4. Older people can always learn something new from young generations. What can you teach your parents?

  5. The situation in your city should be improved. What issues should the mayor of your city address?

  6. Military force should be used only in particular situations. In your opinion, what are these situations?

  7. Your country is going in a wrong direction. Do you agree with this statement?

  8. Rich and poor people are not treated equally by a modern criminal justice system. Is this opinion true?

  9. Rich people should contribute more to the economy of the country by paying high taxes. In your opinion, is it fair?

  10. The death penalty is a necessary punishment only in particular cases. Do you agree with this statement or do you oppose its use at all?

  11. The attitudes towards sports betting are too controversial nowadays. What is your attitude towards this kind of gambling?

  12. Compromise is a sign of weakness. In your opinion, is this statement true?

  13. Schools do not encourage students to be creative. Can you give reasons for this situation?

  14. Tests aren’t the best ways to test students’ knowledge. Do you agree with this assumption?

  15. School days should be made longer. Do you believe there are enough reasons for extending a school day?

  16. Your school uses ineffective methods of punishing students who misbehave. What disciplinary methods would you suggest?

  17. Math curriculum should be changed. What would your approach to teaching this subject be?

  18. Technology makes us lonely. Do you agree with the statement?

  19. Smoking is a serious problem among teenagers. How can the situation be improved?

  20. People don’t listen to each other anymore. Why does it happen?

  21. People should complain less and address their problems directly. Is this statement true?

  22. Hard work is more important than talent. Do you agree with this statement?

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