Mental Health Problems

There are many types of mental health problems including schizophrenia, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and borderline personality disorder among many others. Though there are some conditions that do not have known causes, some of them are caused by factors such as traumatic events, genetic component, biochemical changes in the brain, and exposure to viruses and toxins before the birth of infants. Most of the conditions can be managed well through medication and psychotherapy. Nonetheless, it is asserted that proper management of mental health problems is only possible if people can identify the warning signs early enough.

Psychologists indicate that mental health problems are not like other diseases that appear suddenly. Rather, people living with an affected individual can see some warning signs on a regular basis. Many chose to ignore the sings and interpret them to be personality and character issues. An individual suffering from a condition such as bipolar disorder may be mistaken for a moody person. Depressed people can also be mistaken for the proud. Such individuals are therefore urged to consider behavior modification through general counseling. More often than not, this does not work.

Signs of Mental Health Conditions

There are some common signs that indicate that an individual may be suffering from a mental disorder. The first one is the social withdrawal. A person who was once social may lose interest in social activities. People who are born with the condition will be withdrawn from the family and the society from infancy. The second sign of a mental disorder is failure to function in school, at home and in the work place. An individual may fail to perform well during exams or also become less productive at work.

Thirdly, an individual may stop concentrating and fail to remember important details about their lives. Fourthly, some individuals will have exaggerated beliefs about what they can do and achieve in life. Though some people may mistake the beliefs for high self esteem, a person with a keen eye will see that the ambitions are unachievable. Lastly, the affected individual may have an unexplained nervous feeling on a daily basis.

The Role of the Family and the Society

Psychologists and medical practitioners advise that people should seek help as early as possible if they realize that they have metal health problems. This way, it becomes easy to treat and manage the condition. It is the role of the family and the society to seek early intervention for the sick since the affected individuals may not have the capacity to identify the problem. Indeed, by identifying the signs of mental health disorders, the affected individuals can find help in good time.

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