Christianity In The New World

Currently, there are several Christian denominations in several places in the world. Christians believe in the teachings found in the Holy book, The Bible. They are thus expected to make positive changes in the world by following the virtues in the holy book and avoiding all the vices. In other words, Christians need to live a righteous live to please God and fulfill his will and commands. In the past, missionary activities spread the gospel to the various places in the world where people embraced the religion. However, currently, there are issues that are challenging to the Christians and the Christian Communities. There have always been issues of disagreements between the Catholic Communities and the several Protestant groups. Besides, other challenges are facing the religion currently.

Christianity Today

Several Christian denominations have been established and all aim towards gospel preaching. Improved technologies, as well as improved infrastructure in the several parts of the world, have made gospel preaching for Christians. Parents continually introduce their children to church going and the Bible virtues in their early stages. However, there the upcoming on several new denominations is a current trend and issue for Christianity. While other people establish churches, the Christians are now unsure of which denominational group to follow. While technologies have been on the front line in improving Christianity as well as gospel preaching, it has been a major challenge. Some vices the Bible is against are now common among people especially the youths. The internet is a great source of materials that go against the Christian teachings and values. Pornographic material is available from internet sources and encourages fornication and other harmful habits. At the same time, online information sources encourage other vices including terrorism, drug use as well as alcohol abuse. Evidently, the youths need to be brought back to their minds to avoid the impact of technology on Christianity.

Overcoming the Challenges in Modern Christianity

Notably, Churches need to consolidate efforts to preach the gospel in a way that does not divide Christians. It is critical and paramount to have educational programs that discourage all the vices related to technology use and access. This is a part where many parties have to help in youth’s education. The church, the teachers, and the parents all have the role in discouraging use of the internet for immoral purposes. It is critical to encourage all people to remain focused and follow God’s rules as He expects.

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