U.S Drones In Foreign Countries

Before 9/11 terror attack on America, there was less of the drone technology. America was the only country that had experimental drones. They had not been used anywhere before. After the attack, things changed. Today America owns over seven thousand drones. Some of these are armed and have been used to attack known militia groups. This did not just open room for America only. Another eighty-six countries in the world own drones. The use has however not been that spread but it is just a matter of time before they are put into use. Pakistan, United States, United Kingdom and Israel are the only countries that have put in to use this sophisticated art of war. Sometimes it leaves me worried about what will happen in future if all the countries with technology put it into use.

American Drones

America has been accused of using these drones in other countries. In some cases, they have been said to have killed civilians during attacks. Drones could be used to fight terrorism, but caution must be taken to prevent use in a way that they will harm civilians. Sometimes, civilians are caught up in the war on terrorism. But is enough care taken to prevent such incidences? Now that drones are no longer a monopoly, extreme care must be taken. Countries that put the lives of innocent civilians at stake should be punished heavily for such mistakes. America and especially President Obama has to a great extent made use of drones because they do not put the lives of soldiers at risk. The CIA together with the army is together responsible for finding intelligence before any attack. At times, the information could be wrong. This is the reason America is in the spotlight for attacking suspected terrorist hideouts without knowing clearly who are in those hideouts.

Purchase of drones by America Allies

In February this year, America made public new policies that will allow it particular allies to buy armed drones from the American government. This will, however, be allowed to only a few allies of America. They will also have to agree to certain commitments that will prohibit them from using the drones in an unlawful manner. This explains the steady rise in the number of drone development programs and companies run by the government of US around the world. If this happens, then the global market for drones will be very high in a decade to come.

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