How Technology Impacts Education


In a world where we are going through a technology revolution, one way that this has made a great impact is in the world of education. The way students read and write have indeed changed since the introduction of technology in the classrooms. The way information is taught has also changed with an embrace of technology. In addition to this communication has also become a changing factor in education.


It used to be the case that all reading and writing had to be done on paper. Reading texts from books and class room handouts were the only option for reading. Writing as well had to be done with pen and paper and as such handwriting became a big issue.

The days of paper are beginning to come to an end. More and more books are now available on digital devices such as iPads and Kindles. What is not read on a digital device can be read online. However even though much reading is done digitally there are still handouts that many teachers prefer to give out.

Writing too has changed. Many students now have personal lap tops or iPads and writing is typed more than it is done on paper. Teachers and students alike find it easier to hand in work digitally as this can be done outside the classroom with a date that is agreed upon beforehand. There is no need now to carry heavy bags that contain books and folders for all that the student needs is their lap top or tablet.


The use of the internet has spread far and fast. Now there is no need to search for hours on end searching the library for one book that holds the information a student may need. Instead information can be found at the touch of a button. This does help cut the time of research so that the student can spend more time on the forming of essays and projects.

In the classroom, technology has changed the visual guides that teachers use to teach. Long gone are the days of chalkboards and instead it is more common to find information is displayed using a computer with an overhead projector.


Technology has changed the field of education in many ways. First the way that the student reads and writes has gone from pen and paper and over to the digital age. In addition this, the way students learn has changed as information is much easier to obtain. The way technology is forever evolving, it appears that there will come a time when pen and paper are things of the past.

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