Music History In England

Music can be perceived as an art that is conveyed through silence and sound. Musical definition, creation, significance and performance are significantly defined by social and cultural context. Some varieties of music differ in genres and subgenres. Music production, study, criticism and aesthetic dissemination have a long history due to the broad applicability of music. Music has proven to be useful in many different ways as it is a part of many peoples’ ways of life.

England has a long history of music. In fact, England is credited with the production of the world’s finest music. In addition, throughout history, England has been on the forefront to spearhead most of the world’s most vibrant musical trends and movements. England’s music has been relevant throughout history for its cultural relevance and diversity. England’s music was mainly composed of folk music, religious music and classical music. It is believed that England music was considerably influenced by European movements.

Overview of music history in England

In England, different styles were designed to meet the needs of the wealthy, poor, working class and elite. This revealed that social, economic classes in England considerably influenced peoples’ preference for music. Although England’s music was largely influenced by European movements, many vibrant styles and trends originated from within the country. Some of the popular trends that originated from within the country include medieval carols and Celtic chants. Religious trends were introduced in England after the Protestant reformation hit the country.

In 18th and 17th century, there was a significant reform in England’s musical pattern and style. The introduction of the baroque era saw the introduction of ornamental orchestral classical music. This trend was more complicated and dramatic. Although the baroque was famous amongst the elite and wealthy, it was not limited to other social economic classes. England’s folk music was distinctive from others in that it was music for the people. This style was popular over many years as it reflected personal experiences of working classes, immigrants and more esteemed classes. Although the folk music has undergone many reforms over the years, it was prevalent from medieval times until the 20th and 19th centuries’ industrialisation period of the society.

Origins of England’s music

Ordinary people who sang and danced to music significantly contributed to the rise of different musical trends and styles in England. This music and dance styles were passed from generation to generation and from village to village in unwritten form. This paved a way for the introduction of present musical styles and trends in England.

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