Politics And The 1936 Olympics

When Germany was given the slot to host the 1936 Olympics games, many people saw this as a great opportunity for the Germany to prove to rest of the world of its changes about racism. Nazi Germany was struggling with the materialistic ideas of Adolf Hitler. The rest of the world viewed Germany as a country that did not respect other races. The 1936 games were, however, a perfect platform to change this entire image. The Nazi government was not taking chances with this chance. It was going to use the journalists, foreign spectators and all other stakeholders of the games to show the world that Germany is a peaceful and tolerant nation. This was an effort for Hitler to make and create a positive picture to the international community to enable him to extend the Nazi territory.

The Games

Before the games, there was a lot of tension in Germany. Many of the Jews players were left out of the national team. The few that were maintained were denied a chance to train with other national team players. They were denied access to the training facilities. This made it very difficult for them to train. This was an effort to frustrate the Jews that by the Nazi community. Most of the Western democracies planned for a boycott, but it was rejected. This left them with no chance but to be part of the games even though it did not give them a fair opportunity to compete because of racism. Germany had not been on the safe side with the international community since the World War One. Hitler, who took power just a while before they were given the slot to host, the games had changed many things. The Nazi community was now a single party state. He was a dictator and his regime persecuted the Romans, Jews and political opponents.

The games Victories

Germany emerged victorious in the Games. There was, however, a lot of rivalry and many countries performed better bearing in mind the situation that they participated in. Some Jews that were denied the entrance to training facilities went ahead to win in the games events. This sent a message to Germany. Germany did not however just win on the field but also in its effort to make the country look better in the eyes of the rest of the international community. Most of the people wished that the peaceful mood would last. However, reporters like William were keen to note that the glitter was just a facade and the true Germany picture was deeply hidden.

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