The Gulf War In Kuwait

The Gulf War in Kuwait was an attack by Iraq. Kuwait suffered effects of the attack. The war is a historical event that all should learn about. During this war, the United States and its allies were involved in the intervention to reduce the impacts of the war and to stop the war. The war in Kuwait however, seemed to have benefits for the United States. Economic benefits were reported in the United States during this war. The United States was also in the fight for supremacy and dominance. The president of the U S at this period of war in Kuwait was George Bush. The battle took place in the year 1990 and some months in 1991. The incident had severe effects economically, environmentally and health-wise. The oil in Kuwait was a point of interest even for the United States. The Gulf War in Kuwait is one that depicted the use of war and violence in attempts to solve or deal with conflicts of Kuwait and Iran.

Environmental Effects of the Gulf War in Kuwait

The environmental factors of the attack by the Iraq army were immense and wrong or harmful to the environment. The oil spills all over destroyed part of the soil and land in Kuwait. The environmental impacts mainly concerned the presence of petroleum. The oil fires that the Army of Iraq started were pollutants to the air in Kuwait. Reportedly, countries neighboring Kuwait suffered the effects as they were experiencing black rain. This was caused by the smoke in the air from the oil fires. The spills got into the waters. This was harmful to the people and the animals in the sea. Underground water in Kuwait was also destroyed during the attacks.

Other Effects of the Gulf War in Kuwait

Other effects included the death of citizens as a result of the oil spills and polluted air and resources e.g. water. The war also caused property destruction for the people of Kuwait. The people also lived in fear and the economic activities were disrupted for the public. The health effects cannot be forgotten. The events became traumatic for some especially those that lost their families, especially in the fires. The army of the Us also had to intervene in the war. The implication of this is that later in the United States was allowed to intervene in the war in Somalia and other countries, e.g., Bosnia. This way the supremacy of the United States was maintained

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